Since everyone’s SharePoint interaction is different, we recommend you focus on the RapidMapper benefits below that make the biggest difference for your situation.

That being said, talking about swimming is a world apart from jumping in the water to experience it for yourself… We’ve made that part easy, removing the risks while the benefits become obvious with a free trial tailored to what your team needs.

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RapidMapper makes content management in SharePoint easy.

1 Outfitting Employees for Success

Provide Just in Time Performance Support
Enable Knowledge at Your Fingertips
Quickly Map Your Process

More on how RapidMapper outfits employees for success

2 Make Learning Stick

Stimulates Creativity
Increases Work Engagement
Provides Access to Experts

More on how using RapidMapper to make learning stick

3 Finding the Right Content Now

Speed of Content Search
Quality of Responsiveness
Relevance of Findings

More examples on how RapidMapper helps you find the right content now

With RapidMapper, employees can easily find the information they need information in the context of what they are doing. To see a video on how RapidMapper organizes content by role in the flow of work watch below.

Learning works best when you find what you need when you need it. With RapidMapper, users can easily search or navigate to SOP’s, Tools, Templates, Videos, eLearning, and other supporting content in the context of what they are doing. Using our intuitive interface or robust search RapidMapper helps make learning stick.

‘Findability’ is key, no matter where you are and what device you are using. With our RapidSearch feature, it is easy to find what you want with out having to wade through pages and pages of search results.

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