Outfitting Employees for Success

Outfitting Employees for Success

Quickly access activity status, pending status and other project information from any browser or device.

Post Mortem

RapidMapper facilitates team debriefs, project planning.

Collaborate and coordinate with your team using any project lifecycle approach.

Program and Project

RapidMapper’s flexible, easy-to-use, interface allows for Lean, Agile, Process-based, Extreme or other project management methodologies to easily leverage tools and systems like PMBoK, Earned Value or SCRUM.

Copy, reuse or update business process templates in minutes not days or weeks promoting best practices.


RapidMapper leverages a ‘Save As’ tool to quickly copy a process, documents, role information and other functionality so you can start get started with existing project templates.

Edit, update and redesign templates using our intuitive interface.

Point and Click' business process modeling

RapidMapper’s intuitive interface empowers users updating and building web pages without IT expertise.

By using a RACI or other role-based responsibility matrix RapidMapper makes it easy to identify what needs done by whom every step during a process.

Role Based

Assign roles and personnel to different areas of the process for easy delegation and assignment of responsibility.