Technical Information

Technical Information

RapidMapper makes SharePoint better.

Core SP Doc Shortened

RapidMapper leverages core SharePoint document management, library, list and workflow tools.

Configurable taxonomy, branding, layouts and themes allows for flexibility when setting up your sites.

Configurable Branding

RapidMapper can be configured to align with an organizations branding, style guides, layouts or site themes.

Quickly copy existing processes and document libraries across SharePoint site collections to leverage existing best practices.

Copy Across Sites

RapidMapper exports and imports processes and content across SharePoint site collections allowing reuse of existing best practice documentation.

Publish models in most languages increasing collaboration and constancy.

Custom language capabilities

RapidMapper allows for a single process to be available in varying languages.

User access and configuration is easy to set-up and administrate.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.05.22 AM

RapidMapper uses core SharePoint groups and automatically sets up the necessary groups and permissions for your content.

If your process is already documented our import template will create Web Pages, libraries, lists and metadata in minutes without typing.

RapidMapper has an import tool to easily upload processes from our pre-defined template.

Quickly navigate to any level in the process using the RapidMapper quick link navigator.


RapidMapper dynamically builds and updates a work breakdown structure tree for intuitive navigation within a hierarchy.