Now You Can Access the Kind of Advancements That Make SharePoint Faster, Simpler, and Easier Than Ever.

Get your questions answered below. If you or your team use SharePoint a lot, getting a free trial and demo could become one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.


What is RapidMapper?

RapidMapper is an intuitive, easy-to-use, SharePoint plug-in that creates impressive advantages. It’s designed to save users time by making the most common SharePoint difficulties far easier. Content becomes simple to find and support tickets are greatly reduced.

Why is it Essential for SharePoint users

If you or your team value their time and use SharePoint regularly, RapidMapper’s ease of use and versatility make it indispensable.

RapidMapper causes breakthroughs in SharePoint productivity. It is used easily and effectively for Training, Performance Support, Process Visibility, Document Management and more.

Ideal for creating Communities of Excellence, Support Centers, On-Boarding processes and other interactive applications, RapidMapper does all that and more while putting SharePoint tools on the fast track.

How Do I Get a Demonstration?

Demonstrations of RapidMapper are available by appointment either at your location or via an interactive web conference platform with WebEx. It’s simple to set up and you should get a good idea of how much RapidMapper may benefit your work experience everyday.

Your experience will not be one of a sales pitch. Our intent is to help you determine if it is a fit for your situation. To schedule an appointment please complete the simple request form here.

How Much Does It Cost?

RapidMapper’s pricing is reasonable, and dependent on the number of servers and/or users in your organization. Please contact us for information on what pricing would be for your situation.

Here’s an even better question you might want to ask:

How much is it costing you everyday in time and money NOT to have access to the time-saving and production benefits of this essential SharePoint tool?

A free trial should answer that for you. Once that’s clear, your choice to continue is likely to become self-evident.

Does it come with any default processes?

Upon installation, RapidMapper comes with a training process that helps your organization streamline any aspects of SharePoint that were difficult or too time-consuming.

How can I become a RapidMapper partner?

Becoming a RapidMapper partner is simple and can be quite profitable to you. As a partner your customers will thank you for introducing them to a process invention that makes their SharePoint experience much better.

Simply contact us via the information form on the partner webpage and someone will get back with you.

Will this SharePoint software work on my mobile device?

Yes. RapidMapper is a SharePoint web part and 3rd party application specifically designed for improved functionality.

The default HTML5 architecture allows RapidMapper to function on tablets and other mobile devices, allowing you to bring advantages to SharePoint wherever you go.

Who created It?

RapidMapper was created by St. Charles Consulting Group in 2013 to address a growing need our customers had to more easily manage their content and processes in SharePoint.

It was designed to add greater ease and make your content work harder for you while leveraging the collaboration and document management features within SharePoint. Others just use the word, “amazing”!


What training is available for RapidMapper?

St. Charles has training courses for Application Administration, Tool Usage and Process Visibility Methodology. RapidMapper training is available both in live, instructor-led format and via WebEx when appropriate.

Can this be customized for the help we need regarding SharePoint improvement?

Yes, there are several areas of RapidMapper that can be customized. For example, custom themes can be created in RapidMapper to change the font type and element colors within the tool. This means that you can create a RapidMapper environment that fits your company’s color palette.

Additionally, process elements can be renamed to fit your organization’s process methodology. For example, a process administrator could change the default element name for process “phase” to process “sector”, if that is the term used within the company. Once that is done, all areas of the application will display “sector” in place of “phase”.

Another way that the application can be customized is by assigning people to roles and then assigning roles to different process elements. This allows a user to view process role responsibilities for themselves and others, directly in the application. Finally, standard SharePoint themes and/or master pages can be applied to RapidMapper pages to provide additional customization options.

What support is available?

RapidMapper support is available via telephone, live chat, email or WebEx. Our goal is to help you be successful and our top notch support team is always available to support our products.

How simple is this tool to implement?

Although implementing RapidMapper within your organization’s SharePoint environment requires high-level access to Central Admin and the site collection, implementation is a quick and easy process. Just upload the solution package and complete a few configuration tasks, and you’re set.

Does St. Charles provide an assessment of existing processes?

St. Charles offers consulting services around mapping processes and process visibility. We can provide expertise to customers who do not have their processes mapped or have mapped their processes in a way that does not fit into RapidMapper.

Can St. Charles provide implementation services for this?

Yes, St. Charles has trained support staff that can get you up and running quickly.

Application Use

Does this process tool come in other languages?

RapidMapper is currently available only in English. However, process elements can be customized in other languages to effectively change the language of the application.

Can St. Charles help define our processes?

Yes, with decades of experience defining processes, St. Charles has staff that are well-versed in the realm of process architecture.

Who is accountable for assigning content within RapidMapper or building out processes?

RapidMapper has 3 built-in user groups which define the permissions for the various parts of the application. The RapidMapper read-only group cannot create or change processes or materials.

The RapidMapper process administrator group can modify processes and materials but cannot make application-wide changes such as theme changes. The RapidMapper system administrator group has full access to creating and modifying any part of the application.

Is there a limit to how many processes I can create?

No, RapidMapper does not limit the number of processes that can be created. Any limitations would be based on standard SharePoint list, library, and content database size limitations.

Is there a difference between automated and manual processes?

No, RapidMapper can be used to map both automated and manual processes.

How can we account for variations in processes that are similar in structure?

A nice feature to handle this is the “copy process” feature. Much time can be saved by creating a copy of an existing process and modifying it to fit a similar process.

Can I make a copy of a process found in this SharePoint tool?

Yes, RapidMapper ships with two options for copying processes. You can either:

  1. Make a copy of a process within the application on your local site, or
  2. Export a copy of the process, including associated documents as a zip file then import the zip into another instance of RapidMapper. This option allows you to copy a process from one RapidMapper site to another.

Can a document be associated with more than one process or process element in this?

Yes, a single document can be associated with as many processes and/or process elements as desired.

Can I upload more than one document at a time into a RM process?

Yes, RapidMapper has the capability to upload multiple documents in one upload action.

If I move a document to another task or step in the process how do I update the document metadata?

Process documents can be moved around using the built-in “Assign Document” function. This feature allows a user to select a document and re-assign different metadata to the document, such as Process, Phase, Activity, Task, and Step.

Does RM work with the core SharePoint document management functionality?

Yes, RapidMapper uses standard SharePoint document libraries to store process documents and takes advantage of the core functionality built into them.

I have several versions of a document, can I view both old and new?

Yes, standard SharePoint versioning can be used to accomplish this.

Can I change the names of the elements?

Yes, RapidMapper has a configuration tool that allows you to change the names of elements.

Do I have to manually build lists and libraries to work with this?

No, when you create a process in RapidMapper, all of the necessary lists and libraries used by the process are created automatically. As you add elements to the process, document metadata and term store options are also added to the lists and libraries.

Do I have to create my own security model to use this SharePoint software?

No, RapidMapper comes with three user groups, each with its own set of pre-defined permissions.

  1. Process Read-Only – can view processes and process documents
  2. Process Administrator – can create, delete, and edit processes and process documents
  3. RapidMapper System Administrator – can create, delete, and edit processes and process documents. This also has access to carry out configuration tasks in RapidMapper, such as creating themes and re-naming elements.

Can I assign people within my organization to process elements using RM?

Yes, RapidMapper includes a feature for assigning roles to process elements and users to those roles. This gives the user the choice of browsing only the elements for which he or she is responsible, or to view the users responsible for other elements.

Can RM be used for more than process modeling?

Yes, since RapidMapper elements can be renamed, the application can be used for nearly any workflow, as well as other data structures.

Do I have to use the entire 4 level process hierarchy when defining my model?

No, RapidMapper tasks and steps can be disabled if desired.


How do I become eligible for the Advisory Board?

The RapidMapper Advisory Board consists of 5 representatives from the Process and Learning Practices of our customer base. The representatives, along with two senior St. Charles employees meet regularly to prioritize feature requests and discuss industry trends. To become eligible for the Advisory Board please contact your account manager or send a request to [email protected]

How do I join the community?

As a RapidMapper customer up to 3 members of your company are automatically eligible to participate in our support community. The initial representatives can be named during your implementation project.

Can I contribute to the Best Practice library?

You can contribute a RapidMapper process to our Best Practice library by sending us a request to [email protected]. Our Best Practice team will the set-up a time to review your contribution in detail.

How can we work together with St. Charles Consulting Group both internally and externally?

St. Charles provides services for customers to support using the Process Visibility Methodology to define internal processes. We are also eager to partner with organizations who do similar work and would like to use RapidMapper as a delivery tool for their clientele.


Why do I need SharePoint to run RapidMapper?

As with any software application, there must be a platform that the application runs on. RapidMapper uses the SharePoint platform to take advantage of its document management and user management capabilities.

Do I need a SharePoint administrator to maintain the RapidMapper environment?

No, RapidMapper is self-sustaining. Although it will take administrator access to get the application installed and configured, there is no maintenance required.

Is RapidMapper licensed per user? Site? Server?

RapidMapper is licensed per server using a simple, straightforward pricing model. We want your entire organization to benefit from our investment to make SharePoint easy to use.

Can I share a RapidMapper process across sites? Servers?

Yes, you can export a copy of the process, including associated documents, as a zip file then import the zip into another instance of RapidMapper. This option allows a user to copy a process from one RapidMapper site to another. Any site with RapidMapper can import a process zip file, including those on other servers.

Can St. Charles host RapidMapper for my company?

Yes, St. Charles has hosted solutions available to companies that do not have SharePoint or have an incompatible SharePoint version.

What versions of SharePoint does RapidMapper work with?

RapidMapper currently works with SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013. As we move the application forward we welcome your thoughts or ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Can we integrate with our existing intranet or SharePoint?

Yes, RapidMapper is intended to be installed on an organization’s existing SharePoint 2010 or 2013 environment.

What are the system requirements?

RapidMapper requires, on-premise SharePoint 2010 or newer as its platform. We recommend the following technical requirements for optimal functionality:

  • SharePoint Enterprise 2010/2013
  • 2 CPUs
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 50 GB of Hard Disk Space