Since everyone’s SharePoint interaction is different, we recommend you focus on the RapidMapper features below that make the biggest difference for your situation.

That being said, talking about swimming is a world apart from jumping in the water to experience it for yourself… We’ve made that part easy, removing the risks while the benefits become obvious with a free trial tailored to what your team needs.

Core SP Doc Shortened

Core SharePoint Document Management and Workflow Tools

All of the SharePoint document management functionality that you are already familiar with and appreciate.


Easy Doc Management

Easy Document Management

RapidMapper automatically creates and assigns metadata to documents, so all you have to do is upload them.

Document Links

Add Links to Documents on Other Sites

Upload URLs in place of documents to link to content on other sites.

Case Study

Case Study & Simulation - Based Learning

Rapid Mapper facilitates online or live (local) learning sessions as an interactive tool to present summarized, process driven case materials and the underlying artifact details.

Performance Support


Performance Support

Access to vast information empowering employees to update their knowledge and diagnosis issues.

Post Mortem

Post Projects Reviews

RapidMapper facilitates debriefs and critiques, during or after a project's completion.


Technology Assisted Learning 2

Technology Assisted Learning

Increase learning capability by fostering collaboration.

Program and Project


Program & Project Management

Support, control, monitor and archive programs and projects as they happen.

Configurable Branding


Configurable Branding, Layouts and Themes

RapidMapper can be configured to align with an organization branding style, theme and layouts.

Easily copy, edit and delete processes

Copy, Edit and Delete Processes

Save time creating processes that are similar to one another. Simply create a copy of a process that can be quickly modified as needed.



Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface

Operationalize process and best practices in hours, not weeks.

Point and Click' business process modeling

'Point and Click' Business Process Modeling

Content can be structured using standardized processes.

Rich Text Editor



Rich Text Element Descriptions

Format element descriptions using fonts, colors, bullets, images, videos, hyperlinks, and more.

Role Based


Role-Based Process Configuration

Assign roles and personnel to different areas of the process for easy delegation and assignment of responsibility.

Copy Across Sites


Copy Processes and Documents Across SharePoint Sites

Reuse already developed process models across sites and/or companies or institutions.

Custom language capabilities

Custom Language Capabilities

Communicate best-practices across language barriers.

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Easy Management of Application and Term-Store Permissions

Don't waste time messing with user group permissions. RapidMapper automatically sets up the necessary groups and permissions needed.

Easy 'drill-down' navigation as well as process specific and/or server based content search engine

Easy Navigation and Search Capabilities

Quickly find the content needed using the intuitive navigation and search features.

Integrated SharePoint 2010 solution package and webpart

Integrated SharePoint Solution Package and Webpart

Simple access to process driven organizational hierarchy leveraging existing SharePoint tools.

Upload processes from spreadsheets

Upload Processes from Spreadsheets

Upload current Excel-based processes, tasks and steps in one quick step.

RapidMapper is a SharePoint Aid With So Much Benefit That It Renders Itself Indispensable.