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RapidMapper can easily report the process elements assigned to an individual user or role.

Best Practices

Best Practice Content & Processes

In addition to offering the SharePoint technology, St. Charles can also provide the benefit of its experience. St. Charles Consulting Group specializes in integrating people, process and technology in support of achieving our customers’ strategic initiatives. We are engaged to create, update, revive and implement business processes. Having serviced most industries, (Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Insurance, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Hi-Tech, Energy, Professional Services, Transportation, and more) we have developed best practice processes and solutions to enable fundamental business functions. Now, RapidMapper allows us to make these processes and best practices available to your organization in a easily accessible, and easy-to-use manner.

Your organization can use our proven best practice content, “as is,” or can leverage it as a starting point and then customize it to make it your own. With prices much less than your cost of starting from scratch, you can make the most of your professional services budget by using our already developed processes.

Also available are document templates for key activities, tasks or steps to expedite developing your own processes, standards and best practices.

Available Best Practice Content / Processes

Consulting 101

Coaching for Life

Delivering Effective Presentations

Effective Supervising Strategies

Encouraging Innovative Thinking

Employee Onboarding

Key Account Development

Managing Through Change

Negotiating 101

Power of Influence

Process Visibility

Project Management

And more.