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Did You Know?

RapidMapper is SharePoint web part that can be configured just as easily as the default web parts.

On-Site Installation

Software License

RapidMapper is licensed for an organization and can be deployed on any given number of SharePoint servers (e.g. multiple front end SharePoint servers, development, test, staging, etc.).

The RapidMapper software license can be purchased for any desired length of time, from several months to many years.

Licensing is based on the number of SharePoint servers in your organization. For example, a small office can license RapidMapper for one server, while a large organization can license for a larger number of SharePoint servers using our toolset.

Maintenance (Support & Upgrades)

Support & Upgrades are delivered under an annual maintenance plan that includes the following benefits:

Support Desk: available to customers through email, phone or the online forum.

New Releases: access to all core product and template upgrades and releases including new platform upgrades to future SharePoint versions when released.

Health Check: RapidMapper service processionals will conduct an annual Health Check to include advice and recommendations for maximizing your investment in RapidMapper.

Deployment Services

At St. Charles Consulting Group we take pride in having 100% referable, successful customers. To accomplish this our focus in on helping you leverage our products and services to ensure you are getting a high return on your investment. To this end we deliver products and services, customized and/or configured to meet your needs. Our consulting services and packages are all focused on teaching you to leverage both your own and our pre-packaged best practice tools.

Quick Start Packages

Even though we have packaged some deployment service packages every organization is different. We suggest that you call us for a free consultation so we can evaluate the maturity of your SharePoint users, sources for leveraging RapidMapper and resources available for the software deployment and training workshops. We can then develop an estimate targeted at meeting your organizations needs.

If you already have SharePoint now is the time to purchase RapidMapper to turn your SharePoint environment into an easy to use performance support toolset.