Success Stories

Get business-changing ideas from these success stories by finding out how organizations used RapidMapper to solve problems and streamline their processes.

National Retailer


National Retailer – Decreases costs while improving quality and cycle time.

A well-known national retailer successfully used the RapidMapper process methodology to redesign key processes associated with its supply chain, operation of its distribution centers, as well as its internal IT and finance functions.

The company found it especially useful in rethinking the process supporting product recall and developed an approach that became a best practice in the industry.

International Law Firm


International Law Firm – Integrated OnBoarding process for experienced lawyers supported rapid growth.

The RapidMapper discipline delivered great benefits to an international law firm in defining and implementing a new process for bringing in experienced attorneys from outside the firm.

The historical “grow your own” approach was no longer viable given the firm’s growth, and using the process design features helped to develop a leadership consensus around a new process that was subsequently rolled out to all of the firm’s offices.

Consulting Firm


International Consulting Firm – Process Visibility simplified and standardized complex methodologies.

A large North American based restructuring and performance improvement consulting firm recently adopted the RapidMapper process visibility methodology to codify and simplify its complex problem solving and value delivery methodology.

Once the simplified process was designed, training was developed and delivered with supporting tools, templates, best practices examples, and key contacts. Finally, the company launched the new methodology and tools in our RapidMapper one-stop toolset, to be used by consultants.

Technology Advisory Firm


Technology Advisory Firm – RapidMapper enabled repeatable best practices in project management and client services.

An IT-focused consulting firm on a fast-track growth trajectory was experiencing difficulties in maintaining consistency in application of its consulting methodology.

The leaders overseeing the client service delivery process adopted the RapidMapper process approach and developed a client service model that was rolled out nationally and supported by training that was embedded in the process support framework.

Natural Resources Company


Natural Resources Company – Global organization creates a common language to improve planning and execution of key business activities.

An international company had recently acquired some significant new mining assets and found that the RapidMapper “process visibility” was invaluable to planning for operational improvements in such as areas as surface mining operations, maintenance of facilities and equipment, water management, and energy efficiency.

Our Own Story


Learning and Consulting Group – RapidMapper also improved our internal business process.

St. Charles Consulting is not only the creator of RapidMapper, but we are also our own client. We recognized the growing need to align process maps with our own people and documents, and took it as an opportunity to create an elegant solution to a common problem.

As process consultants, we use RapidMapper to define and model our own internal processes, as well as the processes of our customers.